Hey, today I decided to share with you the research I conducted on finding the best cream to heal the scars on my face.

At first I tried a bunch of over the counter pharmacy creams. Initially I saw huge improvements, however over time I noticed they only worked to a certain point. If I missed some days or ran out of the creams the scars came right back. Not only that but these creams were expensive.

So I did some more research.

Bringing together research from multiple sources and testing all the different variations. I came to the conclusion that this cream worked the best.

However it is kinda of expensive.

If you are on a low budget I think it is best to make a mixture of your own cream.  If you apply it twice a day every day.  Clean the scar tissue and rub the cream in well you will see some results.

It was a combination of vitamin e oil, Aloe Vera and Tee tree oil.  I mixed them together in another container. It was not very scientific, I just squirted in about an equal portion of vitamin e oil and Aloe Vera with slightly less tee tree oil. The tee tree oil made my face tingle, which made me think it was working.

It is important to massage the cream in fully. Not only will this make the cream penetrate, but will get blood and oxygen flowing to scar tissue. Additionally, the Tee Tree oil and Aloe Vera will lighten dark scars.

So this cream was working wonders on my darker scars, but that only covered half of what I needed. This cream only made the red scars on my face more prominent.

At this point I was frustrated and realized I need some more professional help. Since my health insurance sucked I decided against going to the doctor. And did the next best thing… I purchased every book I could find on the subject. I found a great amount of professional material — most of them only covered half of what I needed.

In the end I got lazy and decided to start purchasing a cream which has been tested and proven to work.

I know the sales page looks corny but you can check out my recommendation here.

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